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Spirit and Sage Services 


15 Minute Consultation 


Before commencing on our therapeutic journey together, a 15 minute consultation serves as an opportunity for us to briefly connect and discuss your reasons for seeking therapy. This initial conversation is designed to ensure that my therapeutic approach aligns with your needs and helps establish a sense of comfort and trust between us. Prioritising a supportive and trusting relationship from the outset.


Getting Information

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Develop Understanding



The assessment involves a comprehensive exploration of your personal history, current challenges, and understanding your specific needs, goals, and the intricate aspects driving your pursuit of therapy. It also gives us the opportunity to figure out how you wish to use this space dedicated for you going forward, including if you want our therapy session to be time limited (short-term therapy) or if you'd like open-ended therapy (long-term therapy). Additionally we would go through our therapeutic contract, guidelines and confidentiality agreement. Adhering strictly to the ethical framework outlined by BACP, I am committed to prioritising upholding the confidentiality of our therapeutic interactions as we collaboratively outline a potential path forward that aligns with your goals and my therapeutic expertise.

I want to emphasise that your comfort and readiness are pivotal before committing to therapy. After this initial session, I want you to know there is no obligation to continue with therapy if you feel it's not the right time for you or if you think I may not be the ideal therapist for your needs.
It's vital that you feel a genuine connection and trust in our work together and finding the right fit for your therapeutic journey is key.


Online Therapy


Online one-to-one therapy sessions are individually crafted just for you and offers a myriad of benefits. These sessions last 50 minutes (commonly referred to as a therapeutic hour) and are scheduled weekly on the same day and time, offering consistency and commitment. Online therapy provides you with flexibility to engage from a private, comfortable setting, ensuring confidentiality and creating an optimal environment for discussing and addressing your thoughts, emotions, and challenges.
No matter the distance between us, the attention to your care will be just as focused and dedicated on you as though we were sitting in the same room.

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Building Relationship


Face to Face Therapy 


Face to face therapy sessions are a dedicated space for you to just be.
Where you can truly embrace yourself, comfortably, authentically, and openly.
These weekly one-to-one sessions are thoughtfully set for the same day and time as this emphasises my dedication to your care, and your commitment to your mental well-being. 
Within each therapeutic hour (lasting 50 minutes), you're encouraged to bring your authentic self to every session. Together, we navigate your thoughts and emotions in a safe, trusting, and deeply meaningful way, creating a path for progress on your personal journey toward self-discovery and positive growth.

As your therapist, I will offer various therapeutic techniques, tailored to your needs to facilitate self-reflection, understanding, and positive change. Displaying empathy, active listening and sometimes gentle challenges to encourage personal growth and the development of coping strategies.
The therapeutic relationship is foundational, built on trust, confidentiality, and mutual respect to foster an environment conducive to healing and progress.

Are you ready?

 If you're feeling ready, I warmly encourage you to schedule a consultation appointment with me.
Starting therapy at this moment offers a gentle opportunity to explore your aspirations, address challenges, and nurture positive transformation.
Your decision to begin now opens the door to a future abundant to growth, and I'm here to walk with you every step of the way.

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"Unfolding into yourself, what a tender, delicate thing"

- Butterflies Rising

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