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My Approach 

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A safe space for you to be heard and seen is the heart of my practice. 

In my counselling approach, I work integratively, using a harmonious blend of various modalities including three essential frameworks:
Psychodynamic, Person-Centered, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
This holistic integration woven to honor your unique essence and journey towards healing and self-discovery.
Through the lens of Psychodynamic exploration, we delve into the deeper currents of your past shaping your present experiences. The Person-Centered aspect serves as a sanctuary where your true essence is welcomed with empathy, inviting your authentic self to unfold in a nurturing space. Additionally, within the realm of CBT, practical tools are offered to gently guide your thoughts and behaviours nurturing an alignment with your inner harmony.
This fusion is a gentle flow, honouring your individuality while drawing strengths from each approach to support your self-discovery and wellness.

A few other approaches

Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis studies human behavior, communication styles and relationships dynamics.
Exploring the concepts of ego states (Parent, Adult, Child) you may play out in your interactions with others.
Promoting improved relationships and personal growth.



Existential therapy focuses on exploring and understanding the core aspects of human existence, such as the search for meaning, freedom, choice, and the inevitable concerns surrounding life and death.
It delves into your unique experiences and perspectives, aiming to help you find deeper meaning, live authentically, and confront existential anxieties to foster personal growth and fulfilment.


In Gestalt therapy, an exercise of the "inner child" refers to unresolved experiences, emotions, or aspects of one's personality from childhood that continue to influence behaviour and emotions in the present. This concept is explored through techniques like "empty chair" work, where individuals engage in a dialogue between their present self and the representation of their inner child.

Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance revolves around the idea of acknowledging and accepting reality as it is, without resistance or judgment, even when they are difficult or painful by letting go of the struggle against things you cannot change. It doesn't suggest that you agree with or enjoy what's going on, but rather recognising and acknowledging them to find a greater sense of inner peace and resilience.

and more

"Creating pleasantness in your body, mind, emotions and energies is entirely yours"

- Sadhguru

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